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E-Commerce (B2B - B2C - B2E)

Today the Internet is the place for original and profitable business development.
E-commerce's growth rate has remained constant and has unlimited possibilities. On a daily basis businesses are joining the wave of this new economy.

E-Commerce B2C

Actimedia is an experienced developer of e-store websites. Our solutions offer the most secure and reliable systems, which bridge the gap between the product and customers with user-friendly interactions. In addition to developing solutions, Actimedia provides maintenance and service updates as well as management training tools facilitate our clients independent use.

If you have an entrepreneurial nature, don't miss this opportunity to place your business and products on the Internet using the best business standards and user-friendly security.

E-Commerce B2B

The Internet allows for the integration of countless services between providers, clients and other businesses. In order to do this, we have developed tools to link corporate intranets and extranets, directories, communication systems, ordering systems and many other business services. This is our way of offering our clients the opportunity to develop more business opportunities and better service to reduce both costs and production time.

E-Commerce B2E

B2E is business-to-employee, an approach which focuses on employees instead of consumers (as in business to consumer or B2B) The B2E approach grew from the ongoing shortages of IT employees. In a broad sense, B2E encompasses everything that business do to attract and retain well-qualified personnel in a competitive market including aggressive recruiting tactics, benefits, educational opportunities, flexible hours, bonuses and employee empowerment strategies.

Amazon Integration (Affiliate Marketing)

Merchant Account and Payment Gateway Integration

Paypal Integration

Google Checkout Integration