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Strategic Marketing

Every CEO and marketing executive periodically faces urgent strategic marketing challenges that can affect the future of a company for years to come. Often these decisions are made without having an opportunity to analyze the market and make informed decisions. These spur of the moment decisions reduce the likelihood of effective results.

A better approach is to perform annual comprehensive market opportunity reviews and then make strategic decisions without daily distractions. This assures that the day-to-day decisions fit into the company's strategic goals.

It's important to look at the company from the customers point-of-view while in the strategic marketing process by asking questions that have long term impact, such as:

What needs or problems cause customers to consider buying from our company?

What improvements in the customer's personal or business life can we enable or improve?

Which customer market segments are attracted to our company or products?

Which customer motivations or values lead people to decide to purchase our products?

What changes or trends in our customer base are affecting their general interest or attraction to products like ours?

Actimedia is a group of qualified professionals with over 12 successful years of experience in developing Strategic Marketing techniques for organizations and companies of varying sizes worldwide. Rest assured we offer new ideas and effective methodologies to increase your business plan.

And once your plan is deployed, our strategists will nurture it, analyze the results, and offer valuable insights to continuously optimize each campaign. Keeping one finger on the pulse of the latest and most innovative industry leading technology, such as RFID, mash-up application, social and viral marketing, and mobile marketing our strategists provide recommendations for how these new opportunities can be leveraged to gain the leading edge on your competition.

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