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Web Design & Web Development
Creative Communication
Strategic Marketing

OnLine Advertising and E-Marketing

Actimedia specializes in online media placement by providing worldwide clients with the best and latest advertising and marketing opportunities. Our solutions involve online media and tailored creative solutions strategically created to fulfill our clients' needs.

- Turnkey media planning, buying and managing solutions

- Research library access

- Expertise in media opportunities

- Consistent top level efficiency in implementing and delivering global advertising

- Strong Publisher relationships ensuring clients with updated media information, ad packages and media opportunities

- Effective campaign analysis with precise reports
Miami SEO

SEO and SEM Solutions

Search Engine optimization is an advantageous method by means of which your URL can get the kind of spotlight which will earn it hundreds and thousands of visitors every single day! There are a number of ways of taking advantage of search engine optimization.

Consider this; your website consists of a number of pages, what if I say that each of these pages may, individually, be maximized for search engine optimization? Putting to use your search engine technique on every one of your web pages will help you notch up your ranking on the search engines and increase your web traffic manifolds.

Search engines are the key to finding specific information on the vast expanse of the World Wide Web. Without sophisticated search engines, it would be virtually impossible to locate anything on the Web without knowing a specific URL. But do you know how search engines work? And do you know what makes some search engines more effective than others?

SEM is the process of building and marketing a website in order to improve its position in search engine results which includes both Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising in addition to using all other services and areas offered by Search Engines.

Miami Search Engine Optimization

Actimedia CRM Strategies

Actimedia CRM empowers sales forces, executives, and management by using sophisticated automated functions for the sales fore, such as, lead generation & qualification, sales pipeline analysis, sales stage and probability analysis, competitor analysis, real-time sales-forecasting, sales quota management, sales reports & dashboards as well as other useful metrics. These functions allow businesses the opportunity to focus on their customer life-cycle (lead generation-acquisition-conversion-retention-loyalty) rather than on sales, and so increases sales revenue.

Actimedia CRM has sales force automation modules such as leads, potentials, accounts, contacts, and sales-forecasting. You can accurately track all business opportunities and close more deals in less time. Additionally, you can identify bottlenecks in the sale process in advance, thereby effectively utilizing consumer data for future cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

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